The Application Process

To apply for The Ritz Academy please click here. Your will be required to submit your CV and answer the following:

  1. Describe yourself in 150 words
  2. What are your career goals and how will being part of The Ritz Academy assist you in achieving these?
  3. Magical is one of our company values, please describe how you would create magical customer service experiences for our guests at The Ritz London.

The deadline for application is Sunday 21st August 2016. If your application is successful and you are one of the shortlisted candidates, you will be invited to participate in our Assessment Centre.

Assessment Centre

You will participate in the following activities.

  • You will be set an individual task which you will present to the Leadership Team.
  • During the group task your interaction and contribution will be observed by the Leadership Team and you will be given a score.
  • You will attend an individual interview.

From this Assessment Centre, a selection of candidates will be shortlisted and will be invited back for a lengthier interview with the Head of Human Resources, who will decide on the final participants.

The Ritz Academy will commence in October 2016.

Following the Assessment Centre all candidates will be contacted within one week to inform them if they have been shortlisted.

To apply for The Ritz Academy 2016 please click here

The Ritz Academy Trainees


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