Environmental Commitment

The Ritz London recognises that its day to day operations in supplying goods and services to its clients has an impact on the environment in a number of ways and we wish to eliminate or minimise the potentially harmful effects of such activities wherever and whenever possible. As a Leading Hotel of The World, we fully understand our responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment and are committed to this at all levels of the business.


We aim to protect the health and safety of our own people and our customers, whilst contributing to the future well-being of the environment

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Energy Conservation

ESOS energy audit was completed in 2015. We will continue to develop means to reduce our energy use with a reduction of at least 3% per annum for the foreseeable future.


All the windows are double glazed and thermal testing of the building is undertaken on an annual basis to monitor energy losses.


All gas in the Hotel kitchen have been removed and replaced with electric induction system. We are use gas for the heating and hot water which is monitored by the Hotel building management system.


All public area lighting is at a minimum at night, with the exception of emergency lighting. We have replaced all guest bedroom and corridor lamps for an LED energy saving bulb reducing energy from 40w to 4w, we have replaced over 4500 units saving a total of 162,000 watts.


We aim to protect the health and safety of our own people and our customers, whilst contributing to the future well-being of the environment.

It is essential that the quality of the water conforms to the EC Directive on Water Quality and this is established by regular sampling and monitoring of both systems for microbiological examination (Company used: Clearwater).

We have also installed slow flow shower heads, pressure reducing systems, smaller cistern capacities, flush volume measurement and sensors for urinals.

Cleaning Products

Complying with the requirements of COSHH, the company used to that effect is ECOLAB. We seek products which are ‘environmentally friendly’ by using less water, energy, packaging and products, while still maintaining a safe and hygienic environment.

Building Maintenance

We continually ensure the regular maintenance and repair of the building fabric and guarantee the routine operation and maintenance of building services.

Our risk assessment analysis identifies substances that are toxic and potentially harmful and safer substitutes will be actively sought. All registers are kept up-to-date and reviewed annually.



All waste must be disposed of in accordance with the relevant legislation:

The Environmental Protection Act 1990
The Controlled Waste Regulations 1991
The Special Waste Regulations 1996 (as amended)




We work very closely with Westminster City Council along with Veolia to manage all our recycling. We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, food and we receive an annual report from Veolia.


Disused or dilapidated equipment that is capable of being broken down into reusable components is disposed of by arrangement with a registered waste contractor under the WEEE regulations.

Waste Recycling

Developed and extended the use of recycled paper products and stationery where practicable.

Clean Conscience – Making a difference

The Ritz London is actively tackling needless waste from hitting already overflowing landfills, by recovering partly used soap and guest amenities and donating it to CleanConscience, thus promoting a greener, more sustainable future.

With the assistance of mainly disabled volunteers, CleanConscience manually sort, sterilise and reprocess the soap and the new bars of soap are then gifted to humanitarian aid organisations. They distribute the soap to those people globally that are suffering from life threatening diseases that are preventable by the simple process of hand washing with soap.

The part-used bottled toiletries are also sorted and any remaining product decanted with assistance from another group of disabled volunteers, which allows the empty plastic bottles to be diverted from landfill and recycled. The decanted product is repurposed and gifted to charities that assist at-risk people in the UK.

Clean Conscience


The Ritz London has a policy of purchasing the freshest ingredients available to the market place for each season. Local suppliers are utilised to reduce the carbon footprint, enabling the shortest distance from farm to plate. The Ritz London is renowned for being traditionally British in its style of cooking and by purchasing from local suppliers. All of the meat used is British and where possible fairtrade produce is used.

The kitchen has been renovated and now uses induction throughout with no gas, making it far more energy efficient, space efficient, cooler and more economical to run.

The new workspace enables the majority of cooking to be done on planchas, minimising the need for fats and oils, and the many traditional pots and pans. Therefore, reducing the amount of water used in washing up and minimising the amount of grease in the drainage system.

The Ritz Restaurant is a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association.




Vehicles are not permitted to leave their engines running while delivering to the premises.

We have no wood burning appliances.


An automated dispensing system is used to clear all pipes of grease every morning at 3am.



The Ritz London fully understands our responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment and are committed to this at all levels of the business.

  • Reduced carbon footprint by 1,000 tonnes
  • 90% off all lights are now LED
  • Reduced electricity, gas and water consumption and costs by 10%
  • Increased recycling from 38% to 44%
  • Ritz team members organised charity marathons, bike rides and a trek to Peru which raised over £13,000 for several charities
  • Donated over two tonnes of soap to Clean Conscience
  • Sponsor a tree in Green Park
  • Introduced the ‘ride to work’ scheme and installed additional bike racks for staff


The Ritz London is a member of Green Tourism were we have been awarded Gold.

Green Tourism London attractions

  • The Museum of London – London Docklands
  • ZSL London Zoo – Regents Park
  • London Transport Museum – Covent Garden
  • Dominion Theatre – Tottenham Court Road
  • The Imperial War Museum – Lambeth
  • WWT London Wetland Centre – Barnes
  • Horniman Museum – Forest Hill
  • Chelsea Physic Centre – Chelsea

There are a number of cultural and heritage activities within the location of The Ritz London.  For more information please click here

Beautiful and interesting walks can be found all across central and Greater London click here

We aim to protect the health and safety of our own people and our customers, whilst contributing to the future well-being of the environment.