As well as the standard Swedish, Neck Back and Shoulder  and Deep Tissue massages, you can experience signatures treatments, including the popular The Ritz HM Signature.  This relaxing full body massage encourages the body to take on a slower daily rhythm and promotes the feeling of totally letting go. Slow, restrained and enveloping movements are the key to this signature massage. To fully unwind the full body massage is then followed by a stress relieving scalp massage and finished off with the famous Japanese natural face-lift massage.  This treatment is can be either 90 minutes or 120 minutes.

We offer a facial massage, which originates from Japan and offers you an instant difference in your facial structure, using specific Japanese face sculpting techniques.  This treatment improves circulation and rejuvenates the layers of your skin whilst encouraging firmness and more defined tone to your face. This non-invasive face sculpting massage aims to relax and re-balance your skin, this will also have a positive
effect on the rest of your body and a more positive feeling of general well-being.