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The Rivoli Bar

The Rivoli Bar at The Ritz London is renowned as a purveyor of premium potable products, and with the extensive cocktail list our bartenders have used their talents of concoction to create a collection of classic cocktails with aged spirits, apéritifs and bitters; literally offering you the opportunity to taste a different time. The Vintage Cocktail menu offers a selection of seven classic cocktails – ‘Brooklyn’, ‘El Presidente’, ‘Negroni’, ‘Old Fashioned’, ‘Rob Roy’, Rusty Nail’ and a ‘Sazerac’.

A trawl of the extensive cellars at The Ritz yielded a curious collection of beverages dating from the 1940s to the 1980s, and where key components of classic cocktails could not be obtained the bartenders sourced similarly senior spirits from specialist suppliers or supplemented ingredients with some of the finest contemporary premium spirits. The result is a collection of cocktails that supersede their original roles of simply quenching thirst and melting the ice of social situations, and act as a conduit for you to experience a forgotten time.

With a menu that also features an extensive Champagne and wine selection as well as gourmet cuisine ranging from club sandwiches to caviar, The Rivoli Bar is the perfect destination for hosting lunch or toasting a special occasion.

Click here for the Rivoli Bar Menu.