Married to Louis XVI, whose style inspired the décor of The Ritz London, Marie Antoinette was a strong Queen known for her lavish lifestyle. Marie Antoinette is also the name of one of the hotel’s private dining rooms, located off the hotel’s Long Gallery and adjacent to the world-famous Michelin-starred Ritz Restaurant. The cocktail offers a great combination of power and elegance, in homage to the iconic queen.

This cocktail offers sweet and sour flavours thanks to the combination of a homemade rhubarb and raspberry syrup, lime and cactus flavour booster, which brings out the flavour of the tequila. A drop of Champagne is added to perfectly balance the drink with some dryness before topping the drink with a delicate Aloe vera foam.

Ingredients: Olmeca Altos Blanco Tequila, House Made Rhubarb Syrup, Tiptree Raspberry Gin Liqueur, Fresh Lime Juice, Cactus Flavour Drops, topped with Champagne and Aloe Vera Foam

 Priced at £24

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