The Ritz London was one of Sir Winston Churchill’s favourite hotels. The hotel has also been a key venue for him to discuss war tactics with other Europeans leaders during WWII. The Rivoli Bar pays tribute to this British icon through the bold cocktail ‘Churchill’s Courage’.

One of this cocktail’s essential ingredients is the butter washed bourbon, made in-house by our mixologists. This unique blend takes 24 hours to make, using hand-crafted Woodford Reserve Bourbon. The butter is first melted and infused with the bourbon. This mixture is then left to rest and freeze during 24 hours. Finally, the liquid is filtered with a cheese cloth to only keep the essence of the butter mixed with the bourbon, before adding a popcorn essence. The final result is a delicious mellow cocktail with toffee and caramel flavours.

Ingredients: Butter Washed Woodford Reserve Bourbon Maple Syrup, White Port, Vanilla Bitters, and Lemon Peel

Priced at £22

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